Are you wasting energy without knowing it?

This video illustrates why it is important for home owners to be aware of how much insulation they have in the attic, along with the knowledge that it is properly installed to conserve energy and save money.

Ken Swanson “The Talk Radio Builder” was onsite for this installation of insulation by Allianze Heating & Air. The house was built about 20 years ago when the standard was R19. Now when a new roof is being planned, it is necessary to bring it up to R38 or better. The city requires this to issue a permit for the roof work. The utility company offers significant energy rebates for doing the work. There will be savings over and above that as well.

When the technicians began installing the material, they discovered that the batting installed when the house was built was directly up against the end vents! This no doubt resulted in money down the tubes over the past 20 years! Sheesh. They pulled it away from the vents and added more in such a way as to keep the material away from the open vents. All good now by cracky!