Planned Service Reduces Air Conditioning Repair Costs

Planned Service Reduces Air Conditioning Repair Costs

With summer quickly approaching and the kids being released from school, bank accounts will soon be hit with the extra costs of recreation and family vacation. For families living in areas of extreme heat, the maintenance of residential air conditioning units will soon be vital to everyone’s health and comfort.

Luckily, many HVAC companies offer planned service agreements and this routine maintenance can go a long way to reducing the need for expensive repairs and replacement.

Less Dust Buildup

As landscapes dry out and winds pick up, the hottest time of year can also be the dirtiest. This combination has the potential of causing dust to quickly build up and settle throughout a residence. In turn, this accumulation of dirt can damage the inner workings of electronic devices, cause breathing problems, and affect the efficiency of air conditioning systems.

Routine maintenance easily curbs the damages that can be caused by dirt buildup and saves homeowners from paying for costly air conditioning repairs. Planned HVAC services will remove this dust on a regular basis and allows technicians to keep an eye on the well-being of your unit.

Extended Equipment Life

Failure to maintain an A/C system will reduce its life-span and cause homeowners to fork over as much as $2,500 or more for a full-replacement. The outdoor portion of these units can harbor rodents and other pests that can quickly destroy parts important to an air conditioner’s operation. In addition, the presence of damp leaves can cause damage to the circuitry while dried materials have the potential of catching fire.

Finding problems with your air conditioning early on will prevent them from becoming worse and costing more to repair in the long-run. During routine maintenance visits, technicians will see to it that the unit and ventilation ducts are free of the materials capable of damaging the components and, therefore, reduce the chance of complete system failure.

Member Discounts

In much of the country, an air conditioning repair service call will run anywhere from $50 to $200 per hour and many technicians have a “minimum trip charge” policy. On top of the labor costs, the parts for heating and air conditioning units will run up to $1500 and many contractors will markup these prices by anywhere from 10 to 50 percent over wholesale.

By subscribing to a routine service agreement you will be offered several discounts on every aspect of needed air conditioning repairs. Some companies will reduce the costs of parts and labor by up to 15 percent for members. Many HVAC contractors will even waive their overtime charges for emergency, off-hour, service calls.

Priority Scheduling

It’s inevitable, the moment you realize that something is wrong with your A/C is always the time when you need it most. The problem with this, however, is that everyone else in your area is also discovering issues with their own systems. This leads to a high number of service calls to your local HVAC company and could mean a long wait before the necessary repairs can be completed.

As a planned service agreement holder, you will delight in the semi-annual calls made by technicians prior to the beginning of the busy season. Beyond that, your status will keep you from waiting with “priority treatment” and this scheduling perk will greatly reduce your chances of being left in the heat for an extended amount of time and possibly causing more damage from the continued use of your broken unit.

Even the newest A/C units should be regularly maintained. Without proper servicing, the repair and likely early replacement of air conditioning systems have the ability to negatively affect family budgets. And let’s face it, family vacations and entertained children are a lot more enjoyable than sweltering heat and writing unnecessary checks.


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