Receive Quality Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Redding, CA

Receive Quality Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Redding, CAHomeowners rely on Allianz Heating and Air for their heating and air conditioning repair in Redding, CA. For over 25 years, Allianz has provided the area with professional and timely repair service, and our reputation is second-to-none. Allianz is always there and ready to handle any repair need, from extensive and complicated repair and maintenance to simple, everyday operations.

Beat the Northern CA Cold

One of the best ways to keep the cold at bay in Redding is only a quick phone call away. We recommend that you don’t wait until you realize your heat isn’t working to call Allianz. Just like our cars need regular maintenance, your furnace is no different.

Regular, scheduled maintenance is the answer to the age-old problem of waking up in the middle of a cold night only to realize the heat does not work. The same is true with all your large appliances in your home. When a home functions correctly, that means all the appliances, including heating and AC, work together to make your home comfortable and efficient.

For many of us, a comfortable home may come at a ridiculously high price, and we tend to take shortcuts to help cut expenses. That’s not the way to go about saving money on energy expenses. Instead of freezing yourself out of your house to make ends meet, call Allianz Heating and Air.

We can indeed repair your heating and AC within your home, but we will also find out what’s causing your high heat bills and provide reasonable recommendations to end the problem for good.

Keep Cool and Comfortable

In the summer, your AC unit works to keep you and your family cool and comfortable. That’s a true statement provided the unit is in good working order. AC units work almost always and with few breaks. We want you to be our eyes and ears and report to us anything that seems different.

Don’t hesitate to contact us because if you notice something wrong but let it go, it gets worse and eventually costs more money to repair. We’re always glad to hear from you.

Regardless of the problem with your AC, our certified, licensed professional technicians understand your system inside and out. Many times repairs involve simple fixes that, when caught early, are inexpensive. Again, we urge you to report anything that looks abnormal, especially if your AC unit is running louder than usual or not cooling correctly.

We should know about things to look for right away, including a buildup of ice around the copper lines at the outside unit and the large blower fan running too slow or very loud. If you see many leaves or brush covering the outdoor condenser unit, please let us know that, also. If we know about issues early, we can minimize potential damage and take care of them before they become major repairs.

Plan to Keep up the Maintenance Year-Round

In closing, please consider the benefits of having Allianz Heating and Air become your go-to HVAC repair company. We suggest signing up for our Planned Service Agreements, too. We’re proud that people consider us their favorite company to perform their heating and air conditioning repair in Redding, Ca.