Regular Inspection & Tune-Up for Your Heater

Did you know that you should have your heater regularly maintained? Just like other large appliances in your home, your heater should have regular tune-ups to ensure that it is running in optimum condition. During the warmer summer months, your heater should be maintained by a professional, experienced Redding heater maintenance technician. At Allianz Heating & Air, we can maintain your system and help address concerns before they turn into costly repairs.

When was the last time you scheduled maintenance for your heater? It’s about time you called 530-221-2642 or used our online form and let our trusted heating and air technician help you!
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Increase Your Heater’s Efficiency with Allianz Heating & Air

No one wants high energy bills, and having a regular maintenance schedule for your heating system can help reduce your utility costs. Heaters need regular tune-ups that check for airflow efficiency, thermostat registration, and heating output. When you work with our Redding heater maintenance team, we will make sure that your heater is running as efficiently as possible and quickly repair any potential problems we see.

We recommend that you call our technicians if you notice that:

  • Your heater is not turning on when you adjust the thermostat
  • Your home is taking longer than normal to heat
  • Your furnace is making loud noises
  • There is a smell of natural gas
  • Your system is blowing cold air

In some circumstances, despite regular maintenance, some furnaces still break. If your furnace stops working, you can still rely on our Redding heating services. In addition to regularly scheduled maintenance services, we also proudly offer emergency services and 24/7 response to address all of your heating concerns.

Call Today to Schedule Your Next Tune-Up

A maintenance schedule can help reduce the cost of an expensive AC or heating repair and ensure that your system is working properly year-round. You should never be caught in the cold with a poor performing heating system, and with the help of Allianz Heating & Air, you will not have to!

Call 530-221-2642 today and schedule a free estimate for maintenance services.