5 Extreme Excuses to Maintain Your Redding, California, HVAC System

HVAC Technician Fixing Unit in Home

If you are lucky enough to live in a region of mild and consistent weather patterns, you probably don’t know what it can be like to live in extreme conditions. Some areas of the United States are famous for their constantly shifting temperatures. For homeowners in those regions, the maintenance of both heating and air conditioning system is equally important.

1. Fluctuating Temps

Sometimes, waking up in the morning and looking outside does not give one an accurate indication of what the weather will be like later in the day. You may leave your house in a coat and return home in the near-sweltering heat. If your home’s heating and air conditioning system is not well-maintained, it will be incapable of keeping up with these fluctuating temperatures and your home will never feel comfortable.

2. Strong Winds

Even if your hometown enjoys pretty consistent temperatures throughout a given season, you may still suffer from high winds. These winds may not affect the temperature inside of your home, but they will drastically decrease the air quality. Homeowners in areas prone to high winds see a much faster accumulation of dust. This dust will settle in your HVAC systems and cause health problems such as aggravated asthma and allergy symptoms.

3. Humidity

Heating and air specialists have found that humidity levels lower than 60 percent are the most comfortable, especially during the summer months. If your HVAC system is the wrong size or improperly maintained, it will not be able to combat the humidity present in your home. This excess moisture will cause more wear and tear on your unit while also making your home feel warmer than it should.

4. Waste Heat

Unknown to many and still under review, waste heat is put off by air conditioning systems and may be raising outdoor temperatures as families try to cool off the insides of their homes. The EPA has already concluded that a city of one million people can be 1.8 to 5.4 degrees warmer than nearby areas. If your air conditioner is working harder than it should in order to cool your home, it will only exacerbate this problem and cause owners to spend more money on repairs and replacement.

5. Energy Savings

According to Energy Star, HVAC systems are already responsible for half of the energy usage in American homes. If your heater or air conditioner is dirty or otherwise ill-maintained, it will run more often and be forced to work harder resulting in higher energy use and, therefore, higher utility costs as well.

Suffering from temperatures well below zero or soaring as high as 120 degrees should not be considered the norm in American households. With a little bit of HVAC maintenance, families are sure to be comfortable in their homes.