5 Very Reliable Redding, California, Heating and Air Review Sites

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Navigating the world of Google searches tends to be a little overwhelming, especially when you know very little about the actual services for which you are looking. Knowing which websites offer the most reputable customer review opportunities will save you a lot of time as compared to the countless results you will find from a random search.

1. Better Business Bureau

Probably the oldest and most well-known place to learn about any company is by contacting the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Available on the web, the BBB has the strictest customer review policy of any site and suggests reading reviews for several businesses when looking for a new heating and air service provider.

2. Consumer Affairs

While Consumer Affairs has been criticized in the past, they do try very hard to ensure the validity of the customer reviews posted on their website. Consumers are able to read reviews in three different ways including the Most Popular list that is comprised of verified review ratings, consumer reviews, and actual consumer interactions.

3. Facebook

Not meant to be a traditional business review platform, Facebook connects you with the people you trust the most, your closest family and friends. Introduced in just the past couple years, the “Recommendation” add-on now allows you to request reviews from all of your Facebook friends whether you need an HVAC technician or a new restaurant for dinner.

4. Google

When people hear the word “Google” they tend to think of the search engine, but the platform is so much more than that. Individuals and businesses alike can pin themselves to a map, create posts, and write reviews of businesses and products. Google has very strict guidelines for review postings and the site also makes it very difficult for businesses to have negative reviews removed.

5. Angie’s List

To grade the quality of consumers’ experiences with service providers, Angie’s List uses a system similar to that of a report card. The site’s ratings are more focused on the completed work of service companies than others and only the consumers have the power to change a company’s overall grade.

The next time you need to find a provider for your heating and air or other home repair issues be sure to go directly to the sources providing the most reliable reviews. The sooner you can begin reading trustworthy reviews of your local service technicians, the sooner you can have your repairs dealt with by a company you can count on.