Hire a Redding Service Company for Your Home Inspection & Avoid Unexpected Air Conditioning Repairs

Technicial Checking Air Conditioning Unit

At Allianz Heating & Air Inc., we know the most important part of buying a home is being sure that you and your family will be healthy and safe while living there for the next several years. While prospective real estate buyers are aware that a full home inspection should be done, and will probably be required, most do not really know what exactly should be checked out.

There are home inspection companies out there that will review the operability of many systems in a home, but these are usually quite general in nature. The best idea for having your dream home inspected is to hire individual contractors for each of the systems on your property. From electrical to heating and air conditioning maintenance, there are several reasons to hire specific service providers for each aspect of your inspections.

Expert Evaluation

General home inspection companies are not authorized to do much more than turn things on to ensure they are working. All that these companies will report is if the systems are functioning or not. Unfortunately, this type of overview does not indicate some important details about the systems.

On the other hand, service companies can give you an expert evaluation of these systems. Your technicians will provide important information such as age, level of use, and potential problems that a general inspector may not see.

Detailed Testing

Inspection reports will often have a slew of disclaimers and fine print outlining the fact that the inspectors don’t have the knowledge or expertise to fully evaluate a home’s various systems.

For example, a report may say that the HVAC system is operable, but will not tell you if the compressor will fail in two months time. Additionally, a home inspection company will not open the unit or check your ductwork for dust, pests, or other potentially harmful contaminants.

A Chance to Plan Ahead

It happens all too often. A couple buys a home with dreams of decorating and landscaping at their leisure, but then a major repair is suddenly needed and the fun details are pushed to the back burner.

The details provided by service technicians will allow you to plan for the future because they can point out the things that are due to be changed or serviced down the line. A roof may not need replacing right away and air conditioning repairs may not be necessary at the moment, but the contractor performing the inspection will be able to inform you of those upcoming needs.

Building a Relationship

You will never again call or expect to employ the services of a general home inspector unless you plan to sell your home to someone else at some point. These companies will not be available to you for future home repairs.

Meanwhile, hiring separate service companies to perform your home inspections will give you a chance to get to know them. You will be able to review their work, reliability, and pricing. You may find a company that you love to work with and establishing a connection will make it easier to tackle anything that arises in the future.

Ultimately, it is up to you as the buyer to choose who inspects your home, so just keep in mind that each system can be inspected by an expert, professional, company in order to go into your home purchase with your eyes wide open.