Top 5 Reasons for Full HVAC Inspection After a Nearby Wildfire

Homes Will Need HVAC Repair After Fire

Wildfires do not always remain in the woodlands in which they begin. All too often, hot, dry and windy conditions can send these potentially destructive forces of nature toward highly populated cities and towns. In these cases, homeowners may find that ash and other debris have gathered around their properties. These elements can cause unforeseen problems with various home appliances, including outdoor heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems. Therefore, it is important to hire professionals in order to continue getting the best out of your HVAC system following a nearby wildfire.

1. Cleanliness

Several by-products of wildfires will accumulate on rooftops, in yards, and on vehicles. Ashes, singed leaves, and man-made materials are widely dispersed in the winds created when a fire rips through an area. Ventilation ducts are famous for collecting the fine particles and then dispersing them into the home for long periods of time causing homeowners to work harder at keeping dust levels low. Only skilled HVAC technicians, with the right tools in hand, will be able to fully remove these substances from a home’s ventilation system.

2. Health

The ash and dust that is introduced into homes during a fire are usually riddled with potentially harmful chemicals. This occurs because, as homes and other structures are destroyed, the manmade materials within are also burned. Due to their toxic nature, many of these materials are not meant to be ingested or inhaled. Only the thorough cleaning of a heating and conditioning system can remove these toxins from a home. Doing the job yourself may even be hazardous to your health, not to mention you may not get it all removed.

3. Functionality

Heating and air conditioning systems that have become choked with ash and other debris will have to work harder in order to regulate the temperatures inside a home. This is likely to cause units to suddenly cease functioning and can cause expensive or even irreparable damages. Homeowners can greatly reduce these costs by hiring a skilled HVAC service company to not only clean, but also inspect, their heating and air appliances after experiencing a fire in the area.

4. Safety

As mentioned above, failing to have a heating and conditioning system fully inspected after a fire, can lead to expensive damages. What’s more, some of these damages have the potential to put a household in physical danger. Singed wiring, often caused by embers falling onto rooftops and outdoor units, can cause electrical issues and lead to a fire within the home itself, putting everyone at risk once again.

5. Energy Savings

It is well known that a well-maintained HVAC unit saves homeowners a ton of cash on their utility bills each year. That being said, even the newest systems can become so marred by debris from a wildfire that homeowners soon see their energy bills rising. These occur when the unit is working overtime, or cycling more often than needed and the only answer is a complete once-over by a skilled technician.

Homeowners shouldn’t risk the health, safety, and cleanliness of their residences after experiencing a nearby wildfire. The potential costs of failing to have the HVAC cleaned and inspected by a trained professional greatly outweigh the price paid to a service company.