Servicing Your Air Conditioner For Redding’s Hot Summer

An air conditioner is not the only thing that requires service during the hottest summer in Redding, CA. You probably start to notice the noise of your air conditioner getting slightly louder and then a strange odor in the house. Why is this happening? It’s because you should service your air conditioner at least every two weeks during hot summers. If you’re not servicing it, dust and dirt will collect on the coils, causing a buildup that will cause your unit to run harder and make more noise than necessary during those hot days when needed most. This blog post discusses servicing your AC for Redding’s hot summer:
Servicing Your Air Conditioner For Redding's Hot Summer

1. Keep your AC clean of dust

It is important to clean your AC regularly so that the air and flow of air doesn’t get blocked due to dust. You can clean it using a good vacuum cleaner or a soft brush. Start cleaning it from the top and then follow it down with the coils. Avoid using any solvents or chemicals; you can use water and dish soap if necessary. If there are some insects or birds nests in your AC, call an HVAC company to clean it for you immediately.

2. Check the power supply regularly

The temperature of your air conditioner gets affected by the power supply. You must keep a check on it regularly to detect any problems in time. A faulty power supply can lead to damage to your AC. Call an HVAC professional immediately if you detect any such problem.

3. Clean the drain line

The drain line is important because it drains out the condensate from the inside of your AC and sends it outside through a pipe. It could lead to overheating and damage if you don’t clean it regularly. To clean the drain line, remove it first and then use the garden hose to clean it.

4. Call a professional HVAC technician

If you are unable to service your air conditioner in time, you can call an HVAC professional immediately so that they can help you out. There are a lot of companies like Allianz Heating & Air in Redding and good technicians who can help you out.

5. Don’t forget the filters

Cleaning the filters is equally important, which helps the air conditioner work properly and efficiently. You can easily do it with a vacuum cleaner or soft brush once every month. You can ask an HVAC professional to clean them for you if you are unable to do it yourself or if you don’t have enough time for it.

6. Get rid of old and damaged parts

You can replace or remove the parts if you think they are old and worn out. You may notice small particles of dust and dirt accumulated on them, which can cause damage to your AC. If you want to replace the AC but don’t have enough time for it, you can call an HVAC company with a Redding service center that could help you out.

7. Don’t forget to clean the outside unit regularly

Your AC’s performance is affected by the coils on the outside unit. You must check them every week during hot summer days. If you don’t, they could get dirty, and then the dirt will be generated inside your home. This could lead to clogging of air and less flow of air. You can clean it using a garden hose or a soft brush so that all the dirt gets removed from it easily.

Do you need to fix your air conditioner this summer in Redding, CA? Contact Allianz Heating & Air for reliable and prompt services such as maintenance, repair, and new installation.